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2019 Hospice Regatta Registration is up and available

John Kreidler  | Published on 9/24/2019

New Registration web site this year

This year we are using a new registration web site that is geared towards fund raising. This new site allows you to do all the registration stuff that we have provided in the past….in addition it allows each participant to setup a unique fundraising page that you can use to support our Sailing For Others program. And don't can win up to a free year of your club dues (you don't have to be a WCSC member, this is open to everyone) if you raise $500 or more. That's right, we will send a check to YOUR club treasurer for your annual dues if you win ($616 maximum payout).

Go here to visit the new Regatta web site. You can make donations, purchase additional meal tickets, order cool Regatta clothing, buy 50/50 raffle tickets, all online. Everything you need is on the web site including the NOR and ‘who is attending’ lists along with other information.

When you register, you will setup your Sailing For Others fundraising web page that will track your donations in real time. It also has cool tools for sending out links, including personal emails to your friends and family, directing them back to your donation page. Take advantage of the new web features and watch your donations grow!

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