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Western Carolina Sailing Club is located on Hartwell Lake, Anderson, South Carolina.  WCSC was formed in 1963 by seventeen charter members who sailed from Portman Shoals Marina on Hartwell Lake.  After two years of holding club races and events at various launching points around the lake, seventeen acres, including a ten acre island, were leased from the Corps of Engineers for a home for the Club.  In 1966 a causeway was constructed to the island which created a protected harbor for boat anchorage.


A clubhouse was constructed on the island in 1967 and enlarged in 1973 to accommodate a growing membership.  In 1972 the first of four slip docks was constructed by members.  In the following year a fleet of 420's was purchased to support a Junior Sailing Program initiated the prior year.  Further expansion was completed in 1978 with the addition of a storage building and a restroom on the mainland.


By 1980 membership had grown to 216, and in 1984 two of the slip docks were replaced and enlarged to twenty-six slips each. In 1987 an additional seventeen acres were leased for added storage and provided the Club with thirty-five acres for its growing membership, now at 250.  In 1990 the fourth slip dock was replaced and expanded to eighteen slips which provided a total of eighty-four.  In addition, thirty four anchorages and 140 spaces for boats on trailers are now available for members. 2011 was another growth year for the docks, we modified the "D" dock that was installed in the 90's to expand our total number of wet slips to 102.


The Clubhouse underwent a complete renovation in 1994 with new restroom facilities and an enlarged kitchen.

Directions to WCSC

Yahoo Map link


Need directions to the club?  Take Interstate 85 to South Carolina exit #14; take highway SC187 east (toward the "Huddle House" side of the Interstate) to the intersection  of SC 24 & 187, turn left and go 2.8 miles, make a right at SC 187 and proceed to Harbin Drive (immediately after  T&M Contractors).  Turn right onto Harbin; almost immediately, turn left on Westwind Way.  Follow Westwind Way to WCSC Sail Club.    N 34 degrees, 29.983 minutes

                                                            W 82 degrees, 47.824 minutes



BOS and Flag Officers

 WCSC  2018 Flag Officers and Stewards.


Commodore         Term End - Dec 31, 2019      Tim Crane
Vice Commodore
Term End - Dec 31, 2019    John Barnard
Rear Commodore
Term End - Dec.31, 2019    Lisa Baker

   Ted Sauvain
Secretary      John Gulyas
Steward Term End - Dec 31, 2019    Chris Miros
Term End - Dec 31, 2019    Andrea Lehmann
Term End - Dec 31, 2020    Eric Seymour
Term End - Dec 31, 2020    Curt Rubinstein
Term End - Dec 31, 2021    Ron Sanga
Term End - Dec 31, 2021    Paul Jordan

The Commodore has overall responsibility and takes command of the fleet. The Vice Commodore is responsible for water based activities and the Rear Commodore is responsible for land based activities. 



    Entertainment                     Anna Kay Lord
    Membership Spencer Mathews
    Fair Share Program McCall Ginsberg
    Windsong Newsletter Karen Miros
    Corps Liaison Mel Sinclair
    Nominating Committee Ron Moede
    Assistant Treasurer Mary Ann Caldwell
    Historian Jim Hudson
    Public Relations <OPEN>
    Juniors Program Patrick Hopp/ Joe Martin
    Insurance <OPEN>
    WOW (Women on the Water)    Allison Fontenot/Andrea Lehmann

SHORE BASED: (Rear Commodore) 


Camper Committee Steve Ruark
Grounds Jill Jerome
House Dan 'Scooter' Marett, III
Pump Out Station Ron Sanga
Dry Storage Ben Gibson
Ship's Store Dan 'Scooter' Marett, III
Safety & Security Dan Marett


WATER BASED: (Vice Commodore) 


Breakwater                               Ronnie Ashmore
Sailing Alex Bolan
Harbor Hugh Vantleven
Docks Dave Van Emburg
Moorings Administrator Paul Schultz
Moorings Manager Trent Gamble
SAYRA Liaison John Gulyas
Club Sunfish <OPEN>
Club 420's

Jowell Thome

US Sailing Liaison Patrick Hopp / Joe Martin
Cruising Fleet Captain Tim Crane / Ron Sanga
Keelboat Fleet Captain Steve Kiemele
Centerboard Fleet Captain Eric Seymour
Race Committee Equipment Rick Fontenot




A Dock                Jim Mann
B Dock  Ron Moede
C Dock Bud Bush
D Dock Keat Pruszenski
E Dock Paul Rock