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Hail to the Champion

 | Published on 3/25/2019

Congratulations to Marc Bailey and Will Dehart!

Marc and Will have won the 2019 WCSC Club Championship with impressive team work and incredible sailing! Sailing this weekend was like sailing any other day on Lake Hartwell—shifty, unpredictable, and surprising. Saturday's forecast looked absolutely terrible but surprisingly enough we were able to get off six good races.  Huge thank you to PRO Dan Marrett and crew for acting swiftly and managing a rather interesting day of racing. Keith Chiswell stepped up to the position of PRO Sunday and unfortunately we did not see any wind. The day was abandoned by 1130. The results from this weekend are:

Marc Bailey: 9 points

Ronnie Ashmore: 15pts

George Masson: 17pts

Eric Seymour: 24pts

John Barnard: 27pts

Brian Hampton: 34pts

Congratulations to all those that competed and earned their right to be there this past weekend. Marc Bailey not only wins bragging rights, but he will be our club representative to the SAYRA Club Championship on J22's in Charleston later this year. Good luck Marc and we know you will represent us well!

A Special Thank You

Behind any great regatta are the people that make it happen. Even for as small of an event as our club championships are, teamwork and support is needed both on the water and onshore.

Jeremy Marsh- Everyone please give Jeremy a handshake and tell him how great he is at grilling. He was our main chef Saturday night for the Vice Commodore's dinner. Cooking over 100 pieces of chicken for the 60+ people that attended this wonderful dinner.

Maria Bolan- A very big thank you for helping prepare side dishes for Saturday night, getting tables and chairs set up, and lastly cooking the competitors breakfast Sunday morning. Without her help and wonderful home cooking this weekend would have been rather boring.

Angie Frengel- She took time out of her weekend to come and support WCSC by also preparing side dishes and helping set up for dinner.

Stanton and Danielle Bost- Stanton and Danielle offered to assist us in the live streaming portion of this weekend. They hail from Columbia Sailing Club on Lake Murray and brought their powerboat up to help us get incredible video for this past weekend. Stanton is an avid Lightening and E-Scow sailor, and we should see him again at the club for Springboard Regatta.

Richard Bolan- He is the one who gathered and tested all the equipment to make the live stream happen. He created graphics and spent a lot of his time making sure things went smoothly.

WCSC Members- Thank you to the various members that supported when they could before and during the weekend. More importantly thank you to the club members who allowed us to use your Flying Scots to make this event happen.

Finally, give a huge shout out to Alex Bolan, Sailing Committee Chair.  Alex not only arranged this weekend’s racing, but also coordinated the livestream via NoMan Aerial. If you missed the show click on the link below to view it again!

Thank you again to everyone who made this event possible. See everyone out on the water soon enough!

Championship YouTube