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Sailboat Safety

David Lambert/Lisa Baker  | Published on 4/4/2018

By: David Lambert, Westside High School

"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” I saw this quote on Instagram and it inspired me to choose sailing as an elective for gym class. Another reason is that it will teach me how to sail without actually owning and maintaining a boat which is really expensive. 

I have very little knowledge about sailing but I really love the sea, I love the adventure of traveling on water. Many articles that I've read so far say sailing is not that difficult to learn, however I think it's intimidating. They speak a different lingo that is foreign to me like jibing or tacking. I'm pretty sure after completing this subject I'll be familiar with them. 

I chose sailing because I also want to develop my self confidence and enjoy the camaraderie of my mates at the same time. Once I have expanded my sailing skills, I want to sail the Caribbean. I believe it will be an experience like no other. But before I can accomplish my dream, I need to complete my project which is to raise awareness about sailboat safety. 

I want to share this recently published article on sailboat safety that offers a thorough guide for beginners that I think could be very useful. This article seems relevant about the topic and is very easy to understand.