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Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: Cruising Fleet Annual Parade of Lights (Night #1)
When: Friday, December 1, 2023, 6:30 PM until 10:00 PM

Name Type
Guest 1 1 Non-members
Guest 2 1 Non-members
Guest 3 1 Non-members
Guest 4 1 Non-members
Guest 5 1 Non-members
Guest 6 1 Non-members
Angie Adams Non-members
Justin Adams Non-members
Ronald Ashmore Active members
Juergen Bittner Non-members
Ejlijah Bolan Member Guest
Evan Bolan Member Guest
Jessica Bolan Member Guest
Maria Bolan Active members
Richard Bolan Member Guest
Tony Bolan Another Member
Alexander Bolan 1 Another Member
Alexander Bolan 2 Another Member
Alexander Bolan 3 Another Member
sissy Finger Non-members
Timothy Fisher Non-members
jimmy Francis Non-members
sandy francis Non-members
Alechia Francis 1 Non-members
Alechia Francis 2 Non-members
Alechia Francis 3 Non-members
Jolie Gaston Another Member
John Glynn Non-members
Marjorie Glynn Non-members
James Grubbs 1 Non-members
James Grubbs 2 Non-members
Jim hall Non-members
sharon hall 1 Non-members
sharon hall 2 Non-members
M Hart Non-members
ELLIE HULL Non-members
TRACY HYDER Non-members
WADE HYDER Non-members
Henry orr Non-members
stacey orr Non-members
Michael Pittman Non-members
Wesley Pittman Non-members
David Ruth Non-members
H Ruth Non-members
Ron Sanga Non-members
Leah Shaffer Non-members
Max Shaffer Non-members
Max and Leah Shaffer Non-members
Mike Shride Non-members
Owen Shride Non-members
Tiffany Shride Non-members