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Crew available/Need Crew

I'm available to crew
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Are you interested in crewing on a J24?
I'm available to crew - relatively new to the club, haven't found the right boat to buy yet - but would love to sail with someone - either as fill in or regular crew.

Experience -
420s - raced on Clemson team 85-89
C&C 29 - crew / foredeck - 93/94
Kirby 25 - owned / raced on Bay of Quinte, Canada - 94-96
Skipper, foredeck, tactics, etc.
Lancer 36 - Puget Sound, WA 96-2000
tactics, foredeck, skipper, sail trim, etc.
Santana 30/30 - Whidbey Island Raceweek
Skipper, tactics
also time in Solings, Sunfish, Laser, M-scow

Jim Kicklighter
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