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Western Carolina Sail Club


Club Owned 420, 470, laser, sunfish and Buccaneer 18



1.  The first priority of the Club 420's is the Junior-racing program. The person responsible for their use during the event shall schedule their use with the Vice Commodore or Patrick Hopp at

2.  The second priority of the Club 420's is the sailing instruction camps and classes duly authorized by the Board of Stewards. This would include Junior Sail Camp and authorized instruction classes held for the community. Only certified sail instructors shall provide instructions in their use.  Check the club calendar for dates.


3.   The third use of the Club 420's is reserved for WCSC members who have submitted their names to the Vice Commodore or  Patrick Hopp at These members shall be able to demonstrate their ability to rig, launch, and sail the 420. Individuals who use the Club’s 420's shall be responsible for the boat while they are using it, and are responsible for returning the boat, sails, and gear in good condition to the appropriate storage areas.


4.   In order to assure that the boats remain in reasonable sailing condition, the following rules

      are to be followed:

      a. All gear, rudders, etc. are to be returned to the garage after use.

      b. Sails are to be dried, folded and rolled prior to storage in the garage. Jib is to be rolled up with main on the boom.

      c. Boats are to be launched only at the launching ramps provided at the Club.

      d. Boats are not to be beached or grounded where there are rocks, pebbles, etc.

      e. Sheets and lines are to be coiled neatly and drains left open when  on the trailers.  Trailers are to be stored so that rainwater will drain through the boat’s stern.



1.   All members are required to check-in with the Vice Commodore or Patrick Hopp at prior to taking a boat.                                        

2. Arrange with the Club Officer to be certified before taking a boat out.

3.  Reservations are not accepted for day sailing, otherwise, it's first come, first served.

4.  You may take a boat out for more than one consecutive day, as long as it doesn’t conflict with any scheduled event

5. Everyone should arrive back at the dock before dark.

6. As always, please leave your boat in shipshape order.

7. It is the responsibility of participants to avoid causing damage to the Club's boats through negligence. Any problems should be reported to the Vice Commodore or Patrick Hopp at as soon as possible. Safety problems shall be reported immediately and suitable warning posted on the clipboard in the garage.

9. The racing set of sails in the blue sail bags should not be used for day sail purpose.