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WCSC Frostbite Series 2019

Welcome to the WCSC Frostbite Series for 2019! The Frostbite is a pursuit start race series open to all sailors and boats and is a great way to enjoy your club and your boat over the winter months without the formality of windward-leeward buoy racing.

If you haven’t tried a pursuit race before, government navigation buoys are used for course marks, and boats receive staggered start times based on their PHRF ratings so the slower boats start first, followed by faster boats. This eliminates all those crowds at the start. It also adds a “fun factor” to the race because you can see exactly how you’re doing against the competition: the first boat to the finish wins, simple as that. With the exception of 23 Feb, soup or chili will be served at the clubhouse after the race. After the race on 23 Fed, racers and club members (please register) will be treated to a low country boil.

Races are scheduled for 1 Jan, 5 Jan, 12 Jan, 26 Jan, 9 Feb, and 23 Feb.

Skippers' meeting is at 11:00. At that time we will decide which course to sail and explain the pursuit start. We usually provide a race map of the lake and a list if the courses and buoys used at the Skippers’ meeting, but you should download and print Sailing Instructions, a race map and a Buoy and Course List  (You must be logged in).

Questions or comments, contact Rick   334-332-2025